Logitech’s F540 gaming headset connects to three consoles, wirelessly

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Look at you, you platform agnostic, making room for three current gaming consoles in your entertainment center, looking down with a rueful smile upon those who would waste time arguing about superiority. All three receive your equal love, and so shouldn’t all three get equal share of your ears? They could if you had the F540 Wireless Gaming Headset from Logitech, a new entrant that, at $150, costs about the same as the G930 we recently enjoyed, but does so with mere stereo instead of 7.1 surround. Here you’re paying for the inputs instead of the outputs, with a base containing 3.5mm and RCA plugs enough for three separate sources, plus the necessary outputs to pump voice chat to an Xbox 360 and a PS3. The headset itself has volume and mute controls built-in and charges over USB, offering up to 10 hours of disturbance-free playtime. You can pre-order yours now ahead of an October shipment domestically, or November for European followers of Thomas Huxley.

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